44. Blue Ribbon Regatta


With hundreds of thousands of viewers watching Fifty-Fifty's victory directly from the water, the 44. Blue Ribbon Regatta was the first online live broadcast of the Hungarian Sailing Association with the help of three LiveU units.

There were 600 sailing ships competing and a brig catamaran, Fifty-Fifty broke the record from 1955 by 6 minutes with the time of 10 hours 34 minutes and 15 seconds. The ten-times champion, Farkas Litkey was to arrive second when the mast broke on his sailing boat just before the finish. The third prize went to Principessa from Balatonfüred.


45. Blue Ribbon Regatta


Viewers could enjoy every single exciting moment of the popular sailing competition thanks to the professional coverage with 7 studio cameras, 3 mobile broadcast units, a range of GoPro cameras, commentary positions and interviews in the field.

There were 525 sailing ships with about 2500 participants on board at the 45. Blue Ribbon Regatta. The distance was 145 km bee line and there was no record broken this year. Eventually 337 sailing ships made it to the finish line and the winner was Farkas Litkey – for the 11th time – sailing Lisa (EvoPro), congratulations!