Live Streaming Service

4K Video Live Streaming Service

We offer live streaming hardware or service for qualified 4K or HD video sources.  Enquiries from media corporations, broadcast organizations, commercial enterprises, event organizers, field production companies, equipment rental houses or individuals are welcomed !


360º full-sphere panorama and virtual reality live streaming

We have built a cutting edge end-to-end solution for live streaming in 360º that lets remote audiences immersive themselves with ease via their browser, mobile app or VR headsets.


Drones Eagle-Eye View Broadcasting

Drones are an essential broadcasting tool, allowing a news organization to show world events in new context and viewers to see the world around them in new light. Drones have completely changed the TV and Film industry. If you’re not already using drones to capture stunning aerial footage, you’re way behind the competition.


Super Low Latency

Unlike many other live streaming services available in the market, our advanced streaming hardware allows live streams to broadcast with a delay as low as 1 second


True Broadcast Grade Video Quality

Our service can provide broadcast grade quality of video streaming promising minimal video flickering without noticeable drop of frames


Flexible Streaming Routes

No matter you need to stream video to a big screen somewhere in the world or directly to the web, we can handle them for you


Numerous Applications

If you are thinking of streaming video for below applications, we are here for you

  • Education and Training
  • Live Concerts
  • Product Launches
  • Business Conferences
  • Sales Presentation
  • Wedding scenes
  • Multi-streams Seminars
  • Indoor or Outdoor Live Events